My Horrible Faux Loc Experience

Recently, I have been wanting to jump out of my comfort zone and try new things. What better way to start than to try a new hairstyle? I decided to try out the popular faux locs. Faux locs mimic natural locs. You can get them done in a variety of ways from boho to bob. It’s a great protective style that you can wear for months on end with proper care. I searched around for some stylist in my area and came across a stylist who was running a special. Jackpot! I booked an appointment a few weeks out and prepped myself for the style.

If you have ever had a protective style then you know the struggle of the first few days. I experienced the normal stiff neck and sore scalp. I soothed my scalp by taking steam showers, applying oil and placing a hot rag on my scalp. The remedies provided temporary relief. Eventually, the hair loosened up, but one loc in the front was causing so much pain. Every time I moved, I was greeted with pain. I decided that the only way to relieve myself was to cut my hair. I cut a few strands that were intertwined in the loc. I am being a tad bit dramatic as I am sure there were other ways to relieve myself. In that moment I wanted instant relief, and I know the hair will grow back so I am not concerned. Once I thought I figured out part of the problem, I oiled my scalp with peppermint oil. If you have not tried it I totally suggest getting some. It gives the scalp a cooling sensation, and it smells amazing.

Once I realized the locs were no longer tight yet there was still irritation, I did some research. I found out that you can be allergic to synthetic hair. The hair is coated with alkaline lye which makes the hair heat resistant. The alkaline lye can cause a dry, itchy scalp with bumps all over. An apple cider vinegar wash was suggested. I thought about creating my own apple cider wash, but I decided to take the safer route. I bought some Cantu products. The Cantu Beauty line has products made specifically

made for this allergic reaction. I washed my hair twice with the root rinse and I have not had a problem since. If you ever experience any irritation while wearing synthetic hair I would recommend all of the products below.

Eden Peppermint Tea Tree Oil

Cantu Beauty products


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