The Struggles of a Fast Food Worker

Fast food workers get treated like a piece of crap and it is all because of society. We have placed these workers at the bottom of the barrel. It supposed to be an easy job that requires practically no skill, right? Well I beg to differ. Now I am not saying that the job requires rocket science. I am just saying that it takes a virtue that many Americans don't have. Patience. I am constantly tested by ignorant customers on a daily. It sucks because I can't even tell these people about themselves. I really have to put on a smile and agree with these selfish humans. Now, all the customers aren't rude or entitled. I come across customers who are the sweetest and have real manners. You also have the "regulars," they come through almost everyday and you practically build a relationship with these people. In order to give you an idea of the variety of customers, I have classified them below.

The Regular Customer:

The customer that gets the same meal practically everyday. You inform the kitchen to make their meal before they even order. You both know each other by name. It is possible that you know more about their life such as age, career, and other family members. They are normally extremely nice until their order is messed up. If this occurs, they pull the "I come here everyday and I have never had a problem," card to receive some sort of compensation.

The Broke Customer:

Now this customer may not actually be broke but they are definitely sticking to a budget. After every item added they ask what the total of their order is. They even ask for a break down of the tax. I find this extremely annoying because at my location we have a screen that displays your order and total yet they can't seem to read. The customer tends to get to the window and can't find their wallet or credit card. You more than likely have take several items off at the window due to lack of funds or just cancel the entire order.

The Sweet Customer:

The smiling customer who never seems to be in a bad mood. They may shoot you a compliment or even a tip. They can make any strangers day by paying for the car behind them. I am sad to say that there aren't too many customers like this. Now ask yourself, what kind of customer are you?

The Neglectful Customer:

The customer who doesn't verify if you took their order correct. They are probably on the phone when they order or talking to a passenger. They never listen to you repeat their items or total. Yet, they will wave you down at the window confused about what they ordered and the price they payed. The neglectful customer is often the most entitled even though the confusion is their fault. You could leave off a sauce they didn't order, and they swear you owe them a free meals for life.

The Rude Customer:

The customer who comes to the restaurant with a bad attitude. They yell at you through the mic and don't even think about asking them to repeat what they just said. You have absolutely no room to make a mistake. I have had completely silent transactions with these customers. I mean you greet these people at the window and they say absolutely nothing. You can tell them to have a "blessed day," and they won't even blink. I can't even tell you how many of these customers I have encountered. If you're having a bad day, why would you take that out one me? I am doing a service for you. I could never be this customer due to the horror stories you hear about the food industry. People will tamper with your food if you decide to treat them any kind of way. I am not one of those people who would attempt to do such a thing, but I am just saying everyone isn't an Angel.

I just hope this post makes you all think twice about how you behave at a restaurants. Now this post does not apply to the employees who are actually jerks. I am just speaking for myself and some of my coworkers.

Also, could you guys leave some comments about topics you would like to discuss? I would really appreciate it.


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