Why I Started a Blog?

I started a blog as an online journal. I want to relate to others in various sectors of life.I want to give and receive advice on anything ranging from college, beauty tips, and life in general. I have been thinking about starting this for a minute and I finally took the time to set everything up. I do not plan on this blog being formal. Therefore, Grammar police are banned from this blog, lol. I want to talk to my audience as if we were face to face. What better way to relate than just relating in plain ole English. Composition was my least favorite general education course and I honestly don't remember much from the course.

Well, if you made it through the first paragraph then you get to know all the boring facts about me! I am 20 years old and I currently attend Kennesaw State University. Go Owls! My major is I.T. and my minor is Accounting. I grew up in Valdosta, Ga. My zodiac sign is Capricorn. Well, there ya have it, the life of an Angel.

Side note: I am dramatic and there is a lot more I could honestly tell you about myself but you guys have to stay tuned.

2016 Homecoming


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